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The Time of your life

Welcome to AYF Camp Haiastan, the first Armenian camp in America! Founded in 1951, our residential summer camp prides itself on providing a healthy and safe experience to Armenian-American youth to help them foster their Armenian identity and establish lifelong friendships. 

Located in Franklin, Massachusetts, AYF Camp Haiastan overlooks picturesque Uncas Pond and sits on over 100 acres of pristine woodland. Our program offers countless outdoor activities including swimming, athletics, hiking, ropes course and boating combined with Armenian cultural and education programs that bond our campers with our heritage. The friendships formed at AYF Camp Haiastan promise to last a lifetime!

Camp Haiastan is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.


For close to seventy years, AYF Camp Haiastan has served as a place for our youth to come together and celebrate their culture, learn about their history, and discover their roots! Generation after generation, AYF Camp Haiastan continues to ignite a flame within the diasporan youth that will never be extinguished.


AYF Camp Haiastan offers campers of all ages a unique summer camp experience. The summer season is divided into multiple sessions based on age and preference for length of stay.

Choose the session that best suits your camper!


Choose to be a part of the journey of making it better than it was. Support AYF Camp Haiastan through our various fundraising efforts to ensure a safe, positive, and wholesome camping experience for all Armenian youth.



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