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The traditions of AYF Camp Haiastan are brought to life by the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff.

As a new or returning staff member, you’ll learn and enhance skills that transcend Camp, help build your resume and benefit you throughout your personal and professional life - leadership, communication, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and mentorship.

And more importantly, you’ll help foster an inclusive, positive environment and directly enhance a camper’s summer.

If you are looking for one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, we invite you to be part of the Camp family.


Position-Specific Deadlines:

February 3rd - Day Camp Director, Program Director, Summer Director

March 14th - Aquatics Director, Armenian School Teacher, Food Service Manager, Health Care Provider, Health Care Assistant, Lifeguard, Prep Cook, Summer Office Administrator

March 20th - Day Camp Counselor, Cabin Counselor, Staff In Training (SIT)

Aquatics Director

The Aquatics Director position reports to the Summer Director and will at times take direction from the Head Counselor. The Aquatics Director will oversee the instructional and recreational activities at the swimming pool and Uncas Pond Waterfront. You are responsible for the safety and maintenance of the Pool area. In this position, you will work directly with the Lifeguards. Your responsibility is to direct the lifeguards and ensure the safety of the lifeguards, staff, and campers.

Armenian School Teacher

As an Armenian School Teacher, you will be the primary conduit to the camper’s structured experience of Armenian History, Culture, Language, and Activism. As an Armenian school teacher, you will be responsible for executing the outlined curriculum by the Camp Board’s Educational Committee while creating engaging lesson plans for widely varying language and cultural knowledge and skill levels.

Cabin Counselor

The Cabin Counselor position is the surrogate parent for campers assigned to them for two-week sessions. In this position, you will work with and live directly with campers within a cabin group. Your responsibility is for their safety, well-being, and enjoyment by guiding, teaching, and mentoring the cabin group.

Day Camp Counselor

Day Camp Counselors are assigned to campers for the two five-day sessions of Day Camp. Responsibilities include mentoring them in aspects of camp life including but not limited to: activity participation, daily personal hygiene, dining, and all-program activities. Day Camp Counselors work with and report directly to the Day Camp Director.

Day Camp Director

The Day Camp Director is responsible for developing a curriculum of activites for the two five-day sessions for Day Camp. You will be responsible for communicating with the Executive Director, Summer Director, as well as parents/guardians upon drop-off and pick-up. As Day Camp Director, it is your job to create a structured and nurturing environment. For these younger aged campers, this first exposure is critical to forming a meaningful connection to Camp and to prepare them to become future campers.

Food Service Manager

As the Food Service Manager for AYF Camp Haiastan, you will be responsible for the planning and execution of meals for staff and campers throughout the camping season. The Food Service Manager must also maintain and monitor the kitchen and food service equipment and tools with the highest regard to health, sanitation, and safety. You will directly oversee and monitor the Prep Cooks and Staff In Training (SITs) that are assigned to the kitchen.

Head Counselor

As Head Counselor, you will be responsible for executing the plans set forth by the Summer Camp Directors. This includes managing the counselors and staff in terms of schedules and assisting in setting up camp activities. You will also oversee all staff camp committees, as well as prepare all necessary material and equipment for each activity and area on a daily basis.

Health Care Provider

Health Care Providers oversee, evaluate, and monitor the health status of all campers and staff residing in the camp. You will operate and maintain the camp's Health Center as a 24/7 facility dedicated to the promotion of the health and welfare of all camp participants according to the statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the AYF Camp Haiastan Health Center Guidelines. Providers must hold a valid LPN, RN, NP, or PA license.

Health Center Assistant

As the Health Center Assistant, you will report to the Licensed Professional Medical Staff and assist in daily administrative and healthcare related tasks, including basic first aid. Such tasks include, but are not limited to, inventory management and organization of medication.


The Lifeguard position reports to the Aquatics Director and performs all the scheduled activities with the campers. You are also responsible for the safety and maintenance of the Pool area. In this position, you will work directly with campers. Your responsibility is for their safety, well-being, and enjoyment by guiding, teaching, and mentoring the group.

Prep Cook

As a Prep Cook, you will work with the Food Service Manager to prepare meals based on the established menu. Prep Cooks must adhere to sanitation guidelines, monitor the service of meals, and wash  equipment used for food prep. You will also be responsible for proper rotation, labeling, and dating of the kitchen's food inventory.


Program Director

The Program Director is responsible for developing a curriculum to best serve the Teen and Summer Camping sessions. Teens may benefit from different programs than those ages 8-14, therefore the curriculum should support activities to stimulate campers development and enjoyment in sports, social and Armenian related activities. You will work off season to develop the program, and will stay in communication during the season to ensure the curriculum is being implemented properly. The Program Director position is a remote position, with potential on-site training with the staff.

Staff In Training (SIT)

Our goal is to provide staff continuity by training future leaders to take on positions that help operate our summer camping season: the Staff In Training (SIT) position will prepare you for just that. SITs will work under supervision in three areas of the camp on a rotating schedule: Counselor-In-Training, Kitchen, and Maintenance.

Summer Director

The Summer Director (SD) is responsible for the summer operation of Camp Haiastan. As Summer Director, you will assist the Executive Director in recruiting, hiring, training, and evaluating the summer staff. Additionally, you will supervise and coordinate the Support Staff, Counselors, and Program Staff to ensure a smooth, seamless operation of camp activities and schedules. The Summer Director must ensure the summer meets Camp Haiastan's mission of offering the highest standard of safe, healthy, and enjoyable camping while emphasizing the preservation of our Armenian culture and heritage for all campers and staff. The Summer Director reports directly to the Executive Director.

Summer Office Administrator

The Summer Office Administrator supports the Summer Director to maintain the summer operations of Camp Haiastan’s summer office including prioritizing incoming calls, and speaking with parents, service suppliers, and camp personnel. Additional responsibilities include check-in help, inventory management, and social media & PR support. This position will be on-site daily during the summer camping season.

Armenian Culture Assistant

The Armenian Culture Assistant position is an unpaid volunteer position. Volunteers will gain valuable experience working with children and developing leadership and communication skills. The Armenian Culture Assistant will help with planning and organizing daily activities related to Armenian culture, such as arts and crafts, traditional dance, and cooking classes. Additionally, you will engage campers in conversations and answer questions about Armenian history, culture, and traditions.

Victoria Ezgilioglu

Counselor (2017 - 2019)

"Camp is home away from home and every counselor and camper make up a huge family that I’ll always be proud to be part of."

Arev Dinkjian

SIT (2010), Counselor (2011, 2012), Head Counselor (2013), Assistant Director (2014), Summer Director Intern (2016), Summer Director (2018)

"As a camper, I believed Camp to be the most magical place on earth. It wasn’t until I became a counselor and then later a member of the administration that I realized I was a part of creating that magic. There’s nothing more rewarding than gifting that feeling of belonging to someone else.”

Peter Jelalian

Head Lifeguard (1973-74), Head Counselor (1975-76), Summer Director (1979-82, 84-85, 88-89, 2002-2009)

“AYF Camp Haiastan served as my stepping stone to developing life skills and strategies, such as communication, decision-making, creative thinking, and how to be sensitive and interact with people of all ages. These skills have helped me grow professionally outside of camp, all while making memories with my life-long friends.”

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