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Are you ready for an unforgettable experience filled with new friends, exciting activities, and memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime? Camp Haiastan is a place where you’ll feel happiness, enthusiasm, and energy from the moment you enter! 

We know it can be both exciting and a little nerve-wracking to try something new. But remember, you’re not alone! Keep reading for some key information about Camp and answers to some questions we’ve received from first year parents and campers that will help you understand what you can expect as a camper at Camp Haiastan. 

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Camper Safety:

Camper safety is our number one priority. The camp is bustling with staff during the day, and counselors rotate night watch duty from 9:30pm – 6:30am to ensure cabins maintain lights out, prevent accidents, offer safe passage to the bathroom or nurse, and provide support for late night homesickness and emotional needs.

Health and Medical Care:

There is both a nurse and MESH (Mental, Emotional, and Social Health) professional on campgrounds 24 hours/day to help campers with both physical and emotional needs.

Camper Communication:

We know first time parents are sometimes as equally anxious as their camper. On day 2, the camp uploads pictures to Bunk 1. Additionally, camper’s counselor will mail parents a note or postcard along with a cabin picture. If staying for a two-week session, campers will have the opportunity to call their loved one(s) on the middle Sunday.

Reminder, all electronic devices, including phones, will be collected upon arrival at camp and only distributed for use on the middle Sunday. Campers are not allowed to have their phones outside of this day.


Free Time:

Free time is a part of each day’s schedule. During this time campers can play games, read, write home, play in a sport or just hang around with their friends. Feel free to bring items for use during this down time.

Cabins/Cabin Assignments:

Campers will be assigned to either a “Cabin” with four bunk beds (eight beds) or a “Bunk” with six bunk beds (12 beds). Cabins/Bunks are based on three age groups: Younger (8-10), Middle (11-12) and Older (13-14).
The staff does not stay in the same cabin as campers, but they are adjacent in a “middle cabin”, under the same roof.

As part of the registration, campers can request a specific peer they would like in their cabin. We do our very best to accommodate all requests. Requests for a specific counselor will not be considered.


Sprawled over 100 acres, the campgrounds are a mixture of well-maintained grounds and lush greenery. The local county does come to the camp once a month and spray as a preventative measure, but we ask campers to come to camp with bug spray for an added layer of protection. Campers are encouraged to begin practicing the process of checking for ticks since this should be a daily practice while at camp..


Preparing Your Child for Camp

There are a few ways parents can help get their child ready to attend camp:

  • Ask your child to pack their own bags for school, trips, sporting practices
  • Have them fold and put away their laundry
  • Encourage self-care independence
  • Make them carry their plates to/from kitchen table 
  • Have them make their bed
  • Reinforce them to develop their social skills by being a good sport, taking time away from technology, feeling comfortable talking to new people and asking questions/for help

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the camp office.

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Because whether you're under the pavilion, at Ficcos, Rakhati in Thessaloniki in Greece or St. Peters in Rome/Vatican, Camp will give you the ungers/ungerouhis that will always be by your side.

Ungerouhi Lori Yogurtian, MA

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