Overnight Camp

Spend Two Weeks At "The Greatest Place On Earth"

AYF Camp Haiastan offers campers a unique overnight summer camp experience for ages 8-16. Camp is divided into multiple sessions based on age and preference for length of stay. Choose the session that best suits your camper below!

For information on dates and tuition, please visit 2024 Camping Dates.

Sending Care Packages

You may send mail for your camper to:
AYF Camp Haiastan
c/o Camper Name
Franklin, MA 02038
If you are sending packages for your camper, please send them to:
AYF Camp Haiastan
c/o Camper Name
722 Summer Street
Franklin, MA 02038

Camper Communication

Bunk1 Communication & Photo Gallery

Camp Haiastan uses a third-party service called, Bunk1, which offers families and friends a simple way of staying connected with your camper.

Families can access secure online photo galleries, which are uploaded numerous times throughout the session. This service can be utilized for no cost.

Additionally, Bunk1 offers to send electronic notes to your camper, which then get printed and handed to your camper. For a low cost, you can purchase reply notes, for your camper to write a message back to their loved one. These reply notes are picked up daily and scanned/emailed back to the recipient.

All families will receive an email prior to the start of their session with further instructions.


During scheduled free time or cabin time, campers have the opportunity to write letters, postcards or “Bunk Notes” to their loved ones.

If you have packed pre-addressed and stamped postcards and/or envelopes along with pens and stationary, campers have the opportunity to communicate with you via mail. Mail comes in and goes out through the Franklin Post Office to us daily except Sunday.

  • All packages are opened by the camper in the presence of a staff member to ensure all items are safe and expected at Camp.
  • Food, candy and snack items mailed or shipped from outside camp are not allowed. PLEASE DO NOT SEND FOOD OF ANY KIND TO YOUR CAMPER. This is a health concern for campers/staff that may have severe food allergies. To send mail to your camper address envelopes and cards to your camper to the PO Box address above.
Telephone Calls & Emergency Contacts

Campers are not permitted to receive calls or to make calls during their stay at camp unless conditions warrant it. A member of the camp administration team will decide when the counsel of parents whenever a camper is ill, abnormally homesick, or whenever something extraordinary occurs.

We agree to call you if your child is experiencing an extraordinary challenge in their adjustment to camp. The Camp Health Care Provider will make calls to parents/guardians should campers require medical services through our Health Center. This is at the discretion of the Medical Staff based upon the level of medical service rendered. The Medical Staff and a member of our Administration team will coordinate ongoing communication with parents/guardians after the initial call based upon need.

Campers may make a brief call home on the middle Sunday (Sessions: Teen, 1 & 2) from either a designated phone or their personal device at the Summer Office at designated times.

Outgoing only calls are limited to one per camper. Make sure you send your camper with the phone number(s) where you can be reached on that day.

  • Executive Office: 508-520-1312
  • Summer Office: 508-528-0505
  • Health Center: 508-417-8319

We aim to keep your children busy and engaged throughout their camping experience therefore our general rule of thumb is that “no news is good news.”


Camp Stories

Can't believe I'm going to be back here in a few hours...no better feeling.

Ungerouhi Shayna McCarthy

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