2021 AYF Camp Haiastan

Annual Raffle

Enter NOW for TWO chances to win $5,000


The mission of AYF Camp Haiastan is to promote the preservation of Armenian culture through Armenian camping and fellowship.


It’s only possible to achieve this mission with the help of Camp families, friends,

and the greater community.

Proceeds from the annual raffle directly support AYF Camp Haiastan’s mission with funds and the Camp’s programs and activities.


Ticket Price: $100

Drawing Dates:

July 11

July 25

August 8

**Drawing dates are subject to change**



finding a seller in your area

or sending a check to

AYF Camp Haiastan

P.O. Box C, Franklin, MA 02038

2021 Raffle Ticket Sellers

Seller name & Email address

Adishian, Sarine (NJ): sadishian@gmail.com

Alashaian, Rosemary (NY/NJ): avro@nj.rr.com

Apovian, Lisa (MA): lapovian@verizon.net

Avedissian, Tsoler (MA): avedissian.t@gmail.com

Badrikian, Taline (MA): talinebadrikian@gmail.com 

Bahtiarian, Michael (MA): mikebaht@comcast.net

Charchaflian, Kenar (Camp Office): execdirector@camphaiastan.org

Charcharflian, Pierre (MA): charchaflian@yahoo.com

Dinkjian, Margo (NJ): mdinkjian@nj.rr.com

Donoian, Melanie (RI): mdonoian2@gmail.com

Gostanian, Michael (NY): michaelgostan@gmail.com

Guzelian, Michael (MA): michael.guzelian@verizon.net 

Jelalian, Peter (NY/NJ): jellybean@icu.com

Kevorkian, Lorig (DC): lorigkevorkian@yahoo.com

Kourkounian, Armen (MA): akourkounian@gmail.com 

Kourtjian, Ralph (MI): rkourtjian@aol.com

Mesrobian, Steve (Global): smesrobian1@gmail.com

Mikaelian, Nevart (MA): redhye@gmail.com

Odian, Mesrob (NJ): mesrob@havav.com

Najarian, Hratch (DC): hbomb1@verizon.net

Nigon, Phil (PA): phil.nigon@gmail.com 

Papazian, David (PA): dpapazian@comcast.net

Parseghian, Mimi (MA): mparseghian@gmail.com 

Saroukhanian, Shant (MI): shant@techrg.com 

Shamlian, Michael (PA): mkshamlian@yahoo.com

Simonian, Melissa (RI): missie515@yahoo.com

Soulakian, Hagop (IL): soulakian19@gmail.com

Topouzian, Simone (MI): hye33@comcast.net

Varjabedian, Raffi (MA): raffi.varjabedian@gmail.com

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2021 raffle drawings:

Drawing #1: July 11th

Drawing #2: July 25th

Drawing #3: August 8th

To become a seller or if you have any questions

please email info@camphaiastan.org