AYF Camp Haiastan Staff Opportunity Spotlight

FRANKLIN, Mass. — AYF Camp Haiastan is now recruiting and hiring for the following key positions. Apply now or contact Kenar Charchaflian (execdirector@camphaiastan.org) for more information.

Summer Director

The summer director is responsible for the summer operations at Camp Haiastan. You assist the executive director in recruiting, hiring, training and evaluating the summer staff. You will also supervise and coordinate the support staff, counselors and program staff to ensure a smooth, seamless operation of camp activities and schedules. The summer director ensures the delivery of Camp Haiastan’s mission to offer the highest standard of safe, healthy and enjoyable camping with an emphasis on the appreciation and preservation of our Armenian culture and heritage for all campers and staff.

Program Director

The role of program director is an exciting new opportunity at Camp Haiastan. The program director is responsible for developing a curriculum to best serve the teen and summer camping sessions. Teenagers may benefit from different programs than younger campers, therefore the curriculum should support activities to stimulate their development and enjoyment in athletic, social and Armenian-related activities. The program director will work off-season to develop the program and will stay in communication during the season to ensure the curriculum is being implemented as intended. This is a remote position, with potential to provide on-site training for the staff.

This article was original published on The Armenian Weekly.


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