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AYF Camp Haiastan offers campers a unique overnight summer camp experience for ages 8-16. Camp is divided into multiple sessions based on age and preference for length of stay. Choose the session that best suits your camper below!

Camp sessions

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Teen Session*: 15-16 yrs - TBD

Session One: 8-14 yrs -TBD

Session Two: 8-14 yrs - TBD

Session Three: 8-14 yrs - TBD

First time Camper** rate - TBD


Are you or your child hesitant about the two-week session? “Try it out” for one week​

 Session Three “Try It Out”***

8-10 yrs - TBD

*Eligibility to attend the Teen Session is defined as turning 15 by September 1st and/or going into 10th grade of the current year. 

** First-time camper rate only applies to session 3. Camper must apply and pay in full by June 1st.

***Campers have the option to stay for the second week for an additional fee of TBD

​The AYF Camp Haiastan enrollment process has never been easier!

Use our online enrollment program to sign up for camp faster than ever before. This is the ONLY acceptable method for enrolling your child. No other application-related documents found online will be accepted unless otherwise noted by the Executive Director. 

Not sure what to pack? Look no further! Our packing list includes all of the camp essentials.

Follow the links below for access:

Click here to access the Camper Enrollment Form 

Click here to access the Parent Dashboard (returning families)

All applications, COMPLETED IN FULL, prior to April 15th will receive a $50 early bird discount.

All applications submitted AFTER May 15th are subject to a $50 late fee. In addition, any medical forms left incomplete two weeks prior to your camper’s session start date will be assessed an additional $50 late fee. You may enroll after May 15th, however, you will be subject to the above-mentioned fees.

The AYF Camp Haiastan financial assistance program:

AYF Camp Haiastan aims to bring together Armenian youth regardless of their financial status. It is our aim and principle to ensure that every child has equal opportunity. If needed, please be sure to apply to our financial assistance program no later than May 1st.  The application can be found here or visit CampSite for the complete camper application.