The traditions of AYF Camp Haiastan are brought to life by the dedication and enthusiasm of our new and returning staff.

Being a part of the AYF Camp Haiastan team is a rewarding responsibility. It's also an opportunity to have one of the best summers of your life. Make a positive difference for yourself and the Armenian youth.

Staff Application Process

  1. For all NEW applicants please visit https://db.campmanagement.com/apply/ch to begin your staff application.

  2. All RETURNING applicants please visit https://db.campmanagement.com/staff/ch to complete your staff application using your Staff Dashboard.

  3. All staff members are expected to review the job description for the position in which they are applying for PRIOR to completing an application. Any questions about the job description are expected to be addressed prior to accepting a position with Camp Haiastan. Email info@camphaiastan.org

  4. Contact your references to let them know you are applying to work at Camp Haiastan, and to expect a phone call or email from camp. The Massachusetts state law requires ALL applicants to have three references on file prior to arriving at camp for the summer. Camp Haiastan will NOT accept any reference received from a family member, friend or current employee. Consider utilizing resources such as teachers, coaches or previous employers.

  5. You will be contacted within one week of submitting your application to confirm receipt and to schedule an interview based upon the availability noted in your application. You will NOT be contacted unless your ENTIRE application is complete. A complete application includes the following:                                                                                       

  • Basic Information complete

  • Education & Employment information completed in full

  • All 3 references listed and contacted   

  • Completion of all General Application Questions   

  • Completion of "Position-Specific" application questions IF applicable   


If you have submitted all of the above information but do not hear from Camp Haiastan within one week of submitting your application please email info@camphaiastan.org.

  1. Interviews will begin immediately following the completion of your application. Please allocate 30 minutes for your interview. If there is a conflict with the day and time you are assigned for an interview, please let us know.

  2. Summer positions will remain open until the position is filled. Preference is given to those who are able to work the full nine weeks of the summer.

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Victoria Ezgilioglu

Counselor 2017 - 2019

Camp is home away from home and every counselor and camper make up a huge family that I’ll always be proud to be part of.

Arev Dinkjian

SIT (2010), Counselor (2011,2012), Head Counselor (2013), Assistant Director (2014), Summer Director Intern (2016), Summer Director (2018)

"As a camper, I believed Camp to be the most magical place on earth. It wasn’t until I became a counselor and then later a member of the administration that I realized I was a part of creating that magic. There’s nothing more rewarding than gifting that feeling of belonging to someone else.”

Peter jelalian

“AYF Camp Haiastan served as my stepping stone to developing life skills and strategies, such as communication, decision-making, creative thinking, and how to be sensitive and interact with people of all ages. These skills have helped me grow professionally outside of camp, all while making memories with my life-long friends.”