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When should I apply for a position at Camp Haiastan?

As soon as the Summer Staff Applications are posted on this website (usually December/January). The deadline for submitting a complete application including all supporting documents is March 15.  We will not consider incomplete or late applications. Staff candidates will be interviewed during February, March and early April and hiring notices will go out as soon as possible upon completion of the interview no later than April 15th. 

Will I receive training?

Yes. All staff must attend Staff Training Week prior to beginning work, date of which is specified in the Seasonal Summer Staff Employment Application. Staff Training Week is aimed at helping you prepare for the variety of experiences you may have with campers and parents throughout the summer, how to navigate difficult situations (i.e. homesickness), anti-bullying training, safety procedures and protocol, as well as involving you in interactive training modules.

What if I take medication?

The camp nurse securely stores and dispenses all medications, prescription or over-the-counter, for all campers and staff while at camp. You will meet with the nurse upon arrival and provide him/her with all your medications.  Your medications (prescription and OTC) must be in their original container labeled with full information, and you must submit a Staff Medication Authorization Form.

When will I get paid and do I need cash?

Paychecks are issued once each session.  Paychecks will be direct deposited into your bank account. Cash needs are minimal, but you may need things occasionally from town so it is advisable to have some cash and/or a credit/debit card. Staff purchases from our Camp Store are deducted from your paycheck.

Do I need to be able to speak Armenian?

No. However basic knowledge of Armenian culture is very helpful.

Is there wifi at camp?

Yes, Camp Haiastan maintains a wireless encrypted broadband connection for the personal use of staff when they are not on duty.  Access to the camp’s broadband connection with your own laptop or Internet device is outlined in the Staff Handbook and discussed during Staff Training Week.

Can I bring my car to camp?

Yes. However, the camp has policies regarding staff owned cars at camp that you must abide by.  Note that you must be at least 18 years of age in order to bring a car to camp.

Do counselors sleep in the same quarters as campers?

Except for the very youngest cabin group of campers on occasion, cabin counselors have separate quarters adjacent to their campers. Non-counseling staff have separate male and female cabins. In all cases living space is at a premium — only bring your necessities!

What should I bring to camp and what about my laundry?

If you are hired, we will send you a Staff Handbook, which contains details on what to bring and what not to bring. Camp Haiastan has free washers and dryers easily accessible to you over the course of your stay. You will need to purchase your own laundry supplies. You may arrange for our outside laundry service (wash, dry & fold) through the Camp Store. A bag of laundry costs $20. You can have this service once per week and you may charge the cost of this service to your Camp Store account.